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Updated: Oct 15, 2020

We are a broker, aka a buyer's agent.

We represent you!

About Us

We have been leasing cars since the day we got our driver license. We are consumers, just like you. We understand that walking into a dealership can be a dreadful and frustrating situation, so skip the dealership. My first lease was a Audi A4, in which i amateurishly paid sticker. Never again!

My Worst Lease:

Audi A4 (my first lease, paid sticker)

My Best Leases:

BMW M3 for $450/month

BMW X3 for $90/month

BMW Z4 for $280/month

BMW 335i for $260/month

BMW Z4 for Free/Month

Porsche 911 for 730/month

Surveys have shown that 26% of car buyers felt they had overpaid for their purchase and that 32% of car buyers said that they would not return to the same dealership due to low customer satisfaction with the purchase process.

Two brothers, curious as to why every industry but this one seemed to be experiencing positive change, began asking questions.

Understanding the leasing process can seem hectic. Spending countless hours visiting and negotiating at different dealerships can result in greater consumer dissatisfaction. Got an extra $1,000 off the MSRP? Well, chances are they snuck in a higher Money Factor to offset the loss...

This is where we come in - we provide transparency. We take our time with you and discuss the leasing process.

Since we do not work on commission, we have no incentive to fluff up a deal.

There is a whole missed market due to dealer mistrust. We simply take away that mistrust.

What we do

We have a series of top rated dealers with already negotiated discounts that we offer to customers. These are steep (10-22%) discounts that are far greater than the average 5-8% discounts customers obtain.

Start by completing an inquiry form found under CONTACT ME or reviewing our discounts for each Make/Model under SHOP WITH ME!

As your broker, we simply want you to save time and money. Our flat fee is $399. This fee is refundable if you are not approved for your lease.

Never worked with a broker? Well check out our reviews on LeaseHackr

Our process includes to virtually sit down with you to structure a deal. We utilize LeaseHackr's calculator (LH Calculator) to explain the structure and any modifications that you need (ie: annual mileage, security deposits, down payments, etc...).

Once we finalize your structure, you pay your broker fee and begin your credit application with the leasing company (ex: Audi Financial Services). Once approved, a point of contact from one of our dealers will reach out to you.

No need to worry if you live in another state. We can always provide transportation options as well. Please note, we do not make any commission with any transportation company.